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Your doubts, fears, uncertainty about which direction to go, where to focus, and how to reach your dream clients who are willing to pay you well are making you feel uninspired, de-motivated, and a little frustrated with the whole entrepreneurial journey. You have great friends and family who support you and are there for you to talk to, but they just don’t get it.

You understand that the fastest way to get where you want to go is to surround yourself with like-minded women who will help you get there.

You don’t have to do this totally alone!


This group program is specifically designed for the woman entrepreneur who is looking to:
● Align her business with her zone of genius so that the value her business has to offer is fully realized by her customer.
● Charge her worth and make the money she wants to make without apology or fear that no one will pay.
● Increase her confidence, trust herself more, and get rid of the need to seek others' approval.
● Fall in love with sales and get damn good at them without EVER having to be "sales-Y"
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You have read all the quotes, listened in to all the free training, and read the books but nothing has really changed yet.  You get motivated and do good for a short period of time and then find yourself falling in the same hole of uncertainty and insecurity.

I have so been there!

I read the whole business section at Chapters, listened to free podcasts, and attended and downloaded every freebie offer imaginable!  I’d take two steps forward and 3 back.

I had enough.  

I then joined my first group program and within the first 3 weeks of surrounding myself with women who desired what I desired and struggled with what I struggled with, I took my first giant leap out of the slump and never looked back.

Fast forward 3 months later, I reached my first 10K month, and went on to develop and deliver 4 group programs and sign over 10 high paying 1:1 clients.  I consistently make 5-figure months and I only work part time hours.  I have lots of time for me, my family and my friends.  

This is so possible for you!



Working with Karey is one of the best business decisions I have made thus far in my short entrepreneurial career. The knowledge and experience Karey has is by far a game changer. I have only started with implementing some of these tools she teaches and I had doubled my income in one month. And I haven’t even fully got out of my own damn way yet and put all her tools to work yet!! I can not wait to see what happens in 2018 for my business thanks to Karey’s help. Another amazing thing about this program is all the other incredible women you will meet… its kind of like a little sisterhood. 


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It is a 10-week ONLINE program where we meet weekly for 90 minutes to:

(Next one starts April 26th - June 28th, 2019. Sessions are held Friday at 10:30 AM - 12 PM)

1. Develop the mindset of a high earner.  The mindset of a high earner is the most important piece in your business and often the most overlooked.  In order to create the success you deserve, you need to love it, respect it and be available to receive it.   You need to bring your A-game mindset and step in the version of you who creates abundance.  Get ready to:

  • Upgrade your belief system around money, customers, and your ability to be an entrepreneur.

  • Increase your ability to say NO to things and people without feeling guilty.

  • Develop a stronger relationship with yourself so that you can implement your ideas with clarity and confidence.

2. Establish who your ideal customer really is.  We often have a general idea of who our customer is but it is not even close to specific enough for us to really understand how we can relate to them better, understand how they see our business, and serve them fully.  Get ready to:

  • Narrow in and focus on your ideal customer so that you are speaking directly to them in all your marketing and messaging.

  • Locate your ideal customer and get in front of them with brilliant messaging that has them saying “I NEED THAT!”

  • Create a community and following of raving fans who refer you to all their like-minded friends and family.  

3. Structure you business to better align with your ideal customer.  You started off with so many ideas on how you wanted your business to look and feel but it quickly went south when you got into operations and started reacting to what you thought others wanted from your business.  Get ready to:

  • Discover what truly sets you apart from your competition so that you are catching the attention of your customer and drawing them into you versus chasing them.

  • Work every day in your zone of genius so that you are wowing your customer, creating buzz, and are in high demand.

  • Upgrade your pricing structure to better align and serve your customer.

4. Master your sales strategy.  Most of us hate sales and it is because it is very masculine in design and goes against our very nature.  We develop a very feminine yet highly effective sales strategy that has you loving the sales piece!  Get ready to:

  • Throw away all your limiting beliefs about sales and start looking forward to this piece of the business process.

  • Master you sales conversation that has you feeling so good and has your customer feeling very supported.

  • Structure your money conversation that has you lovingly moving your customer through objections of “too expensive”, “not enough time”, and “I have to think about it” so that you can close the sale.

5. Create productive days.  We work on structuring your days that allows plenty of flow but has you getting the high value tasks that bring money to your business done!  Get ready to:

  • Figure out what the high valued tasks are that will bring in the money.

  • Get super savvy at outsourcing and letting go of tasks that are not worth your time and energy.

  • Figure out what work is in your zone of genius that you need to be doing every day to best serve your customer.

  • Protect your energy so that you avoid burnout and stay at your highest peak of creativity. 

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Each week you are sent a module covering the topic to be discussed in the next session.  We then meet online to review the module and dive deeper into how the concepts apply to you and your business.  It is done in a group setting to leverage the ideas and support from the other women.   There is room for a lot of open discussion, breakout masterminds, and 1-1 support from myself.  

P.S. - I still celebrate and keep in touch with those women I met in my group.  They’ve become business besties!  They support with no judgement, help me move through the struggle, and send me the best GIF’s when I crush a goal.  

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