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Holli Appelquist,

I am an Interior Decorator and owner of Appelquist Interior Design Inc. Before taking Karey’s group course I struggled with what direction to take my company. I considered myself a successful Interior Decorator, but I didn’t think I knew anything about running an actual business. After 15 years of working virtually alone, I carried the stress and constant deadlines and customer demands around with me like a ball and chain. I struggled with how to balance personal and work life and began to resent my job and became depressed. I knew I couldn’t continue like this much longer for my own mental health and the future success of my company - I needed to find a solution. Karey to the rescue! She helped me identify what my strengths were, what I should focus on and what I could let go of, how I could expand my team without risking the entire business I spent 15 years building. Most importantly, Karey showed me how to enjoy my work again! My mindset shift was the most significant change – now I embrace success instead of fearing it! I have substantially increased my consulting fees and overall income without any guilt. I know I’m worth it! I have hired a great team to support my current workload and am now excited to expand and take on more work in the future! Karey has shown me that confidence, mindset, and accountability to yourself and your customers will catapult you into a very successful future! I highly recommend her course to any lonely or lost entrepreuner – I might even take a refresher course one day soon to keep me on track! Her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious!


Riley Lawson,

My name is Riley Lawson and I am a Style Coach + Fashion Stylist. Before working with Karey, I struggled with how to identify my ideal customer and speak to them effectively, but I also struggled with mindset in my business. I hadn’t changed anything in a number of years and after a few sessions with Karey, I was able to dive into the backend of my business, assess where improvements could be made, and the most beneficial way to implement them. What I learned from Karey is that most of what I found to be challenging were things that I created (again, a mindset shift needed to occur), and they were also things I needed to reevaluate before my business would grow. The system Karey went through with me made me come up with the answers myself (mostly!) which I loved - rather than just telling me what to do, she gave me skills to allow me to figure it out for myself. Since working with Karey my business has more than doubled, my social media (FB + Instagram) interaction has grown by over 3000 followers combined, and, after working from home for 8 years, I opened a studio space. I have had more clients + sales in the past 8 months than I did the entire year prior! My “side business” is now my full time job and growing by the day. Though the exercises completed with Karey, I’ve developed a filtration system that helps me in any decision making from marketing to customer experience, mindset, and I can easily identify pain points with my clients to better serve them every single time. I’m so grateful to have taken the chance on hiring Karey and it’s one of the best, smartest decisions I’ve made in the last 8 years of business. Not only that, but she continues to learn and acquire knowledge to better herself as a coach. Because of that, I will continue to work with Karey 1:1 for as long as she’ll have me.


I was attracted to working with Karey because she amazed with the success of her first business in retail!! I felt her experience and knowledge was everything I was seeking! My knowing was absolutely bang on! Not only did Karey help me to completely reshape my businesses vision but she helped me to get specific with my direction personally and professionally! Her vision and expertise helped me to become clear with my own gifts and passions letting go of that which was no longer serving me! In a very short period of time my business soared in a new, very successful direction! Not only did my income quadruple BUT I am working less than half the time I was before!!! AHmazing!!! If you’re ready to live financial freedom nurturing your creative passions I highly recommend Karey to be your coach!! Forever grateful and so excited to continue our success together.

Amber, BARE Sugared and Bronzed,

Working with Karey is one of the best business decisions I have made thus far in my short entrepreneurial career. The knowledge and experience Karey has is by far a game changer. I have only started with implementing some of these tools she teaches and I had doubled my income in one month. And I haven’t even fully got out of my own damn way yet and put all her tools to work yet!! I can not wait to see what happens in 2018 for my business thanks to Karey’s help. Another amazing thing about this program is all the other incredible women you will meet… its kind of like a little sisterhood.