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You KNOW you can have the successful business you see others have but you are tired from bending over backwards to please customers, hate convincing others of the value of your business, not clear on where you should be focusing your efforts in order to grow, not clear on what products or services to even offer, and wish the income was steadier and higher?  You want to charge more for what you do but know your customers won’t pay it.   You feel a little lost with marketing and you despise chasing people to make sales!

I hear you.  I see you.  I have been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it!

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  • Consistently attract raving fans of her and her business without having to be sales-y.  

  • Be a bad ass boss who has clear boundaries that her customer’s respect and love and allows her the energy she needs to show up fully in her business.

  • Be confident in her ability to implement her ideas.

  • Make good money without having to hustle her way there all the time.

  • Have more than enough time for friends and family while killing it at her business.  

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You want your business to be all the buzz with a steady flow of clients, lots of money, and plenty of freedom, probably more then anyone but building your dream business is just not what you thought it was going to be. The struggle is real!

You are done with sleepless nights, worry, doubts, and fears about whether or not you are going to sink or swim?

You have tried everything they say to do in business but you are still hustling hard and are exhausted.  The money might even be coming in but the freedom is even farther away then imaginable!  

You are exhausted, stressed out, and ready for a massive change.

I’ve been there, big time!  

I was an eager front seat passenger on the struggle bus!

I owned a women’s clothing store for 7 years and while financial success finally came, it was at the cost of my sanity, self-confidence, and time with those I loved.  And then when I did hit the money flow, it didn’t last long!  I started to drown in worry and doubt about competition, the downturn in the economy, and the changes in the retail industry.  

It was full on struggle.  I ran my business from a place of fear and it did not serve me, my clients, and ultimately my business.

I sold and after 2 years of full on personal development and coaching training, things in my coaching business look a lot different now.  I see so clearly now where I went way wrong in my past business.

In 1.5 years time, I had a second baby, launched my coaching business, and hit 5-figure months with ease and flow.

And it wasn’t luck.  I took a whole new approach and it is paying off big time!

I got clear on how I wanted my business to look, I got even more clear on who I wanted to serve, and I took my self-worth to a new level.

Here is how my business looks now.
  • Consistent 5 figure months

  • I attract the BEST clients who are willing to pay me well, respect my boundaries, and who are dare I say are easy to serve!

  • I work 35-40 hours a week max and have time every day for me, my friends, and my family.

  • I feel so much energy from doing what I do.

This is so possible for you!