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Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Well, I am here to tell you that it is SO POSSIBLE for YOU.

I’m guessing you landed on my page because you want to be that women and deep down you know that you have that potential but you are feeling a little lost on how to achieve that.

You have so many ideas but aren’t sure which ones will work or how to take everything you are good at and put it into an attractive offer that has your clients lining up to work with you.

You’ve spent a year (or more) dabbling in this offer and that offer.  You may have had some success and some great clients but have also had some huge struggles, frustrations, and clients that have made you question everything.

You are doing some work that you don’t love doing and some that you really do.

Some days you feel like you are rocking it and others you feel like a total imposter who will be found out.  

You are always questioning your prices.  You want to make more but just don’t think people will pay you.  

Sounds like you?  

You are in the right place at the right time.

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I’m Karey, the business partner you’ve always wanted but couldn’t have without giving up some decision making and profits in your company ;-)  

I am here because MY ZONE OF GENIUS is to help women like you find the clarity around what you really want to offer and the confidence to charge what you are really worth so that you can create the income and impact you truly desire in your business.

I didn’t always know what my zone of genius was and I certainly struggled for a long time figuring it out and then turning it into offers that people actually wanted.

In fact, I would say that I have masters degree in struggling for clients, undervaluing myself, and financially struggling in my business.  I majored in self doubt, imposter syndrome and fear of failure and letting down my family.

While things aren’t perfect for me and my business now, I went from struggling to get awesome clients who value me and what I have to offer to sought after.  My programs always fill up, my 1-1 mentorships are waitlisted for a few months at a time, and I went from making 11K in my first year of business to 100k in year 2.  I did it all without selling my soul, hustling myself into exhaustion, and I was able to align my zone of genius to clients who needed exactly what I had to offer.

I am here because YOU are on a mission to serve and your business is your vehicle to do just that.  

Your passion and purpose is your business and my mission is to help you stop playing small and start being who you are really meant to be.

If you are ready for a business mentor and coach who will hold you accountable to stepping into your full potential in your business, help you gain the clarity and confidence to build a profitable business while operating in your zone of genius, check out the options for working with me:

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